Crates anyone?

Creating unique shelving units can be somewhat intimidating. These plain wood crates from Michaels ($9.99) with a little stain added, create dramatic,and vintage shelves or storage. Definitely a focal point in any area of a home…and so easy to do.


1. Take new or old wood crates. I purchased my new crates at Michaels, but they also sell them at other stores like: Hobby Lobby (home of the 40% off anything coupon), and JoAnnes.

2. You can prep the crates if  you choose, depending on the look you’re going for, but sanding the crate or banging it up (literally with a hammer) to give it a more vintage/weathered look.

3.  Apply the stain. I used Minwax Dark Walnut. But Minwax offers several color choices for stain. You will not need a special brush to apply the stain, I bought just a cheap thin brush. You can apply as much or as little stain you want, until you get your desired color/shade. Of course, the more stain you apply, the darker the color. I only had to apply one layer to get my desired look.

4. It usually takes about 24-48 hours for the stain to dry.

5. Hanging your shelfs is as easy as drilling a screw in the back of the crates (which is actually the bottom of the crate) into the wall. If you stack your crates, of course you will drill them into one another. I used a screw instead of a nail, so once I hang my crate I can adjust and level it easier.

I added my shelves in my kitchen above the breakfast table. But I know these would look amazing in any room; living rooms, dining rooms, and even kids rooms.

Below are a few examples of how other people have utilized crates for shelving.



Also, wood crates can be used for more than just shelving. I have also utilized them for kitchen storage.



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4 responses to “Crates anyone?

  1. YAY!!!!!! YOU ARE BLOGGING YOUR FABNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love this idea od crates.. You need to create a button on side so I can put it on my blog for people to go to!!!

    Keep it up! love love!

  2. btw when i say button i am referring to blog button.. sounded kinda vague,.. but you need to set one up so people can post your button on their blogs and people can find you 🙂

  3. Kalie

    Love this idea… Will def. be trying it this weekend! Thanks Girls!!!

  4. Gina Chaney

    These are great ideas for old wood crates. I’m about to repurpose my son’s “Melissa & Doug” wooden block boxes. Melissa and Doug make a lot of wood toys, which I prefer over conventional plastic toys. We have 3 crates that house different types of blocks. It got a little too much having 3 boxes of block, so I emptied them into a plastic bin instead. Now I have 3 great strong wood box crates to reuse for decorative/functional purposes. One of the boxes I’m spray painting red. Its going to my babysitter, who is buying a house this week. I have some items that I’ll add to it, sort of a “Gift Crate” vs a “Gift basket”. She has a red, black and beige Bistro color theme she wants to do, so the red crate will be perfect! Happy posting!

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