Printer Tray Jewelry Display.

I love this way to organize your jewelry! I have lots of earrings and necklaces that I love and want to display in my room. While trying to come up with ideas I ran across these beautiful printer tray jewelry displays!
I found these on Etsy at a store called Bluebirdheaven. She has many pieces and several colors. Feeling crafty?? These are easy to create with things you can find locally!


1. Printer trays can be found at your local antique mall. Be patient. This will probably require some digging through  those cluttered booths that you usually avoid. I found quite a few at Sheffield Antique Mall in Collierville in several sizes.

2. Sand and stain or paint if needed. Going for that rustic look?? Try glazing your piece before your breaking out the spray cans.

3. In order to get spaces long enough to hang your necklaces you will need to remove some of the wood planks by cutting them very carefully. You might luck out and find a tray that already has long spaces.

4. Pick out some pretty hooks at your hardware store and install them in each slot.

5. Lastly, attach a solid bracket ( or two ) to the back and hang on the wall.


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One response to “Printer Tray Jewelry Display.

  1. girloutofdixie

    That’s a great idea! I’ve been trying to think of some way to organized my jumbled mess of jewelry. I’ll be on the lookout for a printer tray.

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