Sweet Summer Time Blues.

With this tease of warm weather, I feel I am more than ready for Spring and Summer to get here. Or, at least I would like to go back to the way Memphis winters used to be…. a cool 50 – 60 degree day with an occasional chilly breeze. I hate to say it, but I have had just about enough of this snow and cold. I am Southern to the core and I am ready for Honeysuckle in the breeze and fireflies at dusk.

I was at my local craft store this weekend and I stumbled across Mason Jars on sale. I love mason jars. I feel they bring a certain nostalgia of sweet tea and fireflies on a summer night. What a perfect way to incorporate that summertime feel into any room! I got home and started looking up ways to add accents with these glass jars. Here are some of the ideas I came across. Enjoy ~

Most all of these ideas are ones that you can create on your own.  Mason Jars can be purchased by the case for very inexpensively. Are you can organization nut?? Try organizing your craft room or kitchen pantry with these. The uniform jars will bring clean lines and a classic feel. Are these a little to plain for you? Personalize your jars with tags, ribbons, or labels on the lids.



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  1. Nikki

    I knew this was you writing Rachel from the first sentence I read! I miss you so much darling! I am very proud of this blog!! IMPRESSED should I say! Love you and keep up the awesome work!

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