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Wallpaper, where you’ve never seen it before.

I have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper…I love patterns and colors but hate the applying/removal process of wallpaper. When you realize where wallpaper can go-you’ll want to use it everywhere. Here are some examples of the places I have considered putting wallpaper in my home.

So you will notice, I love the look of wallpaper in cabinets. I think it looks great in living room, and kitchen cabinets. Mixing patterns and color is always acceptable, and wallpaper is a great way to achieve this look. Before I decided to paint my cabinets white, I looked into taking my panel inserts and decorating them with a textured, light colored wallpaper.

I hope this opened up your mind to wallpaper possibilities!




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Update Any Mirror with Trim.

Need a cheap project? Framing a mirror is one of the easiest projects that I know. If you want to give a mirror a new look, or update the look of a room, here is a way to do it at half the cost of buying a new mirror.

1. Measure your mirror and space you have on the wall to build out your frame.

2. Choose your trim. Home Depot and Lowes have many pre-painted, unstained, and primed trim options. There are several styles and unique additions to add to your trimmed mirror too. I would place the trim on the mirror (keep this in mind when measuring).

3. Use a miter box, or miter saw and cut 45 degree angles to the edges of the trim. It’s easy to look and see how to angles should be cut based off of your mirror. The miter box is easy because it shows you where to put your saw in the box to cut different angles on the trim.

4. Before hanging your trim, stain or paint the trim. When using stain apply more to get a desired darkness or color. Let dry at least 24 hours. Make sure to stain the front and back of your molding (because of the reflection).

5. Apply clear liquid nails (glue) to the back edge of the trim (away from the mirror/inside of the trim). When you apply pressure to the mirror’s surface, it will push the glue towards the edges. Make sure all your corners align.

6. I would use tape to hold the trim in place over night. Done!

Frame a tall mirror. These mirrors are $5 at Walmart.

Frame a large mirror and make it two smaller mirrors.

Buy a mantle or ledge to add to your trim (which you can find at Home Depot/Lowes) and create a more useful mirror.

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Hello, Blank Wall Space…..Meet Ceramic Tile.

When I purchased my 1949 home 1.5 years ago, I did it with an open mind. My house was foreclosed, outdated, unattended, and unloved. The ugliest and most outdated room in the house was the kitchen (of course)..But I think people should have an eye for things-especially when it comes to using your creativity. My poor kitchen had wallpapered cabinets (which can be cute if done right), outdoor carpet on the floor, yellow countertops and a weird fish shaped table that took up half the room. The kitchen has been a work in progress over the past year. With the help of friends, family, and the guys on the isles at Lowes and Home Depot..I was able to create a beautiful kitchen. One project I started myself was transforming most of the blank space (the backsplash) into a ceramic focal point. This was so easy. I literally walked up to a worker at Lowes and said, “Sir, how do you tile?” He looked at me, with disbelief..and told me what I needed and what to do. And the rest I just figured out on my own.

Here is my kitchen, when I purchased the house. And steps leading up to tiling the backsplash.

Removed all cabinets, sanded cabinets on walls, put in countertops, tiled floors..

Painted cabinets, installed dishwasher, venta-hood, stove..

Here is how I tiled..

Things you need: level, spackle knife, sandpaper, mastic (adhesive), mastic trowel (tool for applying the adhesive), tile, tile saw, spacers, grout, blade float (spreads grout), sealer, tape, caulk, sponge, measuring tape (All this can be found on the tile isle at Lowes/Home Depot)

1. Measure space. Figure out the size tile and style/color you want. I decided instead of tiling horizontally, I wanted diamonds. Every girl likes diamonds, right?! Makes the cuts harder, but looks very pretty…and different. My uncle quoted, “Lindsay why did you make this project twice as hard?,” Of course I reply…”Because it looks better!!!” (which of course he agreed later that it did).

1a.Clean the surface of the wall. Find the center of the wall with a measuring tape. Most people start tiling from the middle point. This usually gives you equal tiles and equal cuts, but not always. I laid mine out to see where I should place them (since I used two colors the cuts are more noticeable).

2. Apply the mastic to the wall. Only do about a 12×12 space at a time because it will start to dry. My MISTAKE was starting at the bottom of my wall. Gravity pulls the tiles down and moves them, so I would suggest starting in the middle of the wall or top. Create lines in the mastic with the mastic trowel tool. Apply your tile in the space!

3. Complete your space. Figure out where you need cuts. Measure and make your cuts. (I had my talented uncle do this for me with a table saw). Then add spacers in between your tiles. The size of the spacer is based off the size tile you use. My tiles were 4×4″ tiles. Spacers create space for the grout and caulk. I added spacers throughout my project and didn’t wait until the end. Some tiles ended up moving anyways. (Good thing the grout hides imperfections!)

4. Tile needs to set 24 hours before the grout can be applied. Apply grout using the rubber-blade float (you choose your color grout /mine was tan and sanded). Every ten minutes wipe the grout off with the damp sponge. Don’t wipe the direction of the grout lines, and don’t wipe the grout off. Basically your pushing grout in the empty spaces and wiping off excess grout from the top of the tiles. Don’t worry about the light haze of grout on the tile. Leave some on there overnight.

After finished, wait until the next day and take the damp sponge and wipe off the extra grout. There will be haze of it all over the place for days, just keep cleaning it! And floor tiling is pretty similar, I used these steps for tiling my laundry room!

You’ll notice, I added hardware. It was the perfect touch to the kitchen, and not expensive. For my 30 cabinets and 6 drawers, it was $60. I got my hardware at Target. I think the tile really adds to my kitchen, and is certainly the focal point of the room.

Kitchen now…

Now for the crazy part….. The cost of these projects..

  • Tile floor- $100 (end of isle Lowes special; including materials)
  • Tile for backsplash- $150 (tile was less than $0.40 ea./including materials)
  • Paint/Primer- (cabinets/walls) $200
  • Countertops- $350 (Lowes in stock/including materials)
  • Framing- $100
  • Furniture/Misc- $150 (table ($50), stools ($50), rug ($15), tray ($10), wall crates ($25))
  • Hardware for cabinets-$60
  • Total flip cost for this kitchen: $1,110.00
  • If you include the new appliances installed (Stove $550, Ventahood $70, Dishwasher $350, Sink $100) the total comes to: $2180.00

So. I redid my entire kitchen for a little over $2000.00 (which I am sure little odds and ends here and there adds a little more). You’ll notice, I got good deals on tile and appliances. I waited for sales and took millions of trips to Lowes and Home Depot to compare prices. This is why these projects all did not happen at once and happened over time. Doing the labor yourself saves a TON of money.

Here is a link to the whole house and it’s updates!:


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Harmonzied Focal Points.

I love my condo. Its my own little piece of East Memphis. It is also currently a blank slate waiting for personal style to unfold. The problem is that my personal style is currently having an identity crisis. It seems that every time I commit to a style, piece of furniture, or paint color… it is not long after that I begin having a love affair with another style, piece, or color. I am currently ready to get rid of the blank wall space in my living room. First on the list is the blank space over my sofa ( which I still love ). I originally thought I would like to hang an old piece of iron with a mirror behind it. Needless to say, that idea is out. I have recently been drawn to the clean lines of symmetrical art or mirrors. I feel like it is not too overpowering, yet allows for personal style to blend well into any room. What are your thoughts??


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Find Treasure in Old Books.

On one of Rachel and I’s adventures to Bojo’s Antique store on Summer Ave. here in Memphis, we found a diamond in the rough…

I immediatley fell in love with this book. Not only do I love animal print, but this is a beautiful book with a vintage, stunning cloth cover. The name of it is Four years in Paradise, by Osa Johnson, published in 1941. Being someone who hardly reads non-fiction novels, I never buy books to read them…I buy to decorate with them! But, something intrigued me about this book. I went home and did some research about the book online. Rachel wanted to get one for her house too..Rachel is more interested in the actual books and their history than I am, so she had me look up more information about our gorgeous find. I purchased this book for a quarter……and we were finding this original hardback copy selling for $300.00-$450.00. Ok, SO NOW WE’RE TALKING! Bojo’s sells thousands of antiques, but I mainly go for their book section. We were finding great, beautiful books for $0.10 each!

As we continued to research, we saw it was a part of the set. Now it’s like my mission to complete my set, without paying full price. Rachel found on Ebay one of the other books in the series called- I Married Adventure. Rachel bought both books on Ebay for, $100.00. We can’t wait to own the whole set.


Here is how I decorated with my $0.10 books in my house.


See what other’s have done with their book finds:

Ever seen these floating bookshelves?…

Enjoy, and happy hunting!

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We have had an overwhelming response to our new blog! Rachel and I are so pleased that everyone enjoys looking at our blog and getting inspiration, as much as we enjoy sharing it with you guys!

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