Harmonzied Focal Points.

I love my condo. Its my own little piece of East Memphis. It is also currently a blank slate waiting for personal style to unfold. The problem is that my personal style is currently having an identity crisis. It seems that every time I commit to a style, piece of furniture, or paint color… it is not long after that I begin having a love affair with another style, piece, or color. I am currently ready to get rid of the blank wall space in my living room. First on the list is the blank space over my sofa ( which I still love ). I originally thought I would like to hang an old piece of iron with a mirror behind it. Needless to say, that idea is out. I have recently been drawn to the clean lines of symmetrical art or mirrors. I feel like it is not too overpowering, yet allows for personal style to blend well into any room. What are your thoughts??



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2 responses to “Harmonzied Focal Points.

  1. Nikki

    Rachel- I am in a style identity crisis as well! I can’t commit to one piece of furniture. I love that this look has the organized yet statement effect you look for in a wall mural. I think it is a good choice if you have a big blank slate above your sofa, bed or anywhere. I personally loved the mirrors and famous art reprints. Love your blog! –Nikki

  2. Brittain

    My favorite one is the third one down!

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