Wallpaper, where you’ve never seen it before.

I have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper…I love patterns and colors but hate the applying/removal process of wallpaper. When you realize where wallpaper can go-you’ll want to use it everywhere. Here are some examples of the places I have considered putting wallpaper in my home.

So you will notice, I love the look of wallpaper in cabinets. I think it looks great in living room, and kitchen cabinets. Mixing patterns and color is always acceptable, and wallpaper is a great way to achieve this look. Before I decided to paint my cabinets white, I looked into taking my panel inserts and decorating them with a textured, light colored wallpaper.

I hope this opened up your mind to wallpaper possibilities!




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2 responses to “Wallpaper, where you’ve never seen it before.

  1. lacey

    where do you suggest buying wallpaper at? I have this kitchen with a ceiling made of chip board so I can’t really paint it without it looking crazy so I thought about tile somehow until i saw this post. Do you think I could put wallpaper over the chip board? Where do you suggest I begin looking?

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