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Color love: Yellow and Grey

My friend and I were talking about what colors he and his girlfriend wanted to use in their wedding when they get married, and he says: Yellow and grey…I wasn’t really sure of the idea, the colors, and how they would look. I had never paid attention to the two colors together. If you notice, the pictures I post of my house, I have mainly whites, blacks, tans and a little green (not too much color). But after he and I discussed the two colors, I started noticing them together EVERYWHERE! And you know what, I love them.



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Floating shelves.

I’m OBSESSED with floating shelves. Above you will see where I put two in my dining room. I found these at Garden Ridge, the small one for $6.99 and the large for $9.99. These shelves can be found almost anywhere, Target, Pottery Barn, Walmart, Ikea, and you can build your own with your own materials if you choose! There are so many ways to use them them for storage and decoration. They are easy to find, easy to build, and inexpensive. Shelves are great for showing off pictures, displaying keepsakes, holding books, and have multiple purposes. Check out some the ways you can use a shelf, like you probably have never thought about before!


Office supplies.

Kitchen shelving. (but I’d never be able to keep my kitchen this clean!!)

Bookshelf. (check out that its 2 small and 1 large underneath) This use is great for small living areas, instead of putting in a large shelving unit or table.

Use a shelf as a desk.

This shelving unit almost takes the place of a mud room. This small space between the front door and living area now acts as a closet.

Use small shelves as a bedside table unit.

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