Go Antique-ing

Antique stores have exactly what you are looking for-you just have to open your eyes and your mind. Do you ever have something in mind you want to do to a room, or area..and you just search and search for the perfect decor? You’re not always going to find that custom, personal, unique look at just any common store. I have found bits and pieces along the way that reflect my personality that add to the collective, traditional and eclectic style in my home…at antique stores and yard sales. (Yes, I do have a bit of each style throughout the house, ha!)

Here are a few of my finds.

(from top to bottom: 4 drawer wooden unit $5 @Goodwill (I bought 2), Lamp (I painted white) $7 @yard sale, 2 antique mirrors $6 @Sheffield Antique Store, Doll clothes cabinet (which I converted into a jewelry holder) $5 @yard sale, Used flower vases $1-3 ea. @Bojo’s Antique store (that I put wine corks in), Ball mason jar $1/Recipe box $2 @Bojo’s, Stand $3 @Bojo’s (I use as a candle stand)

So. About $35 for all this stuff-I would have spent that on 1 item at a retail store.

Happy hunting. -Lindsay


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