About Lindsay & Rachel.

Our names are Lindsay and Rachel, we decided to start this blog to share creative ideas with others.WELCOME to our blog!

We love everything about refinishing, decorating, antique shopping, and anything vintage! We love to shop at antique stores. Our favorite is Bojo’s on Summer Ave, Memphis TN. As well as Sheffield Antique Mall in Collierville, TN. Both Lindsay and Rachel grew up in Memphis, TN and are alumni of University of Memphis and Phi Mu sorority.

Rachel is a First Grade teacher in Germantown, TN. She is passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ and teaching.

Lindsay is a Program Manager at Oden Marketing in Downtown Memphis, TN. She is also passionate about the Lord and flipping her 1950 home.

Enjoy! Give us feedback! Ask if you want us to spotlight someone or post about something! Any questions! Email us! colormesouthern@gmail.com and find us on Facebook or twitter!

Lindsay: Twitter- Layoung1

Rachel: Twitter- Rrvaughn85

Please know that some posts Rachel and I do not actually create the idea, but are just hoping to spread awareness of the idea. The images may come from other places. We try our best to give credit to where the images come from. We are attempting to tag each photo with it’s original location. Here are some of the sites where we find ideas we love, that we love to share with you!










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