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Color love: Yellow and Grey

My friend and I were talking about what colors he and his girlfriend wanted to use in their wedding when they get married, and he says: Yellow and grey…I wasn’t really sure of the idea, the colors, and how they would look. I had never paid attention to the two colors together. If you notice, the pictures I post of my house, I have mainly whites, blacks, tans and a little green (not too much color). But after he and I discussed the two colors, I started noticing them together EVERYWHERE! And you know what, I love them.



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Wallpaper, where you’ve never seen it before.

I have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper…I love patterns and colors but hate the applying/removal process of wallpaper. When you realize where wallpaper can go-you’ll want to use it everywhere. Here are some examples of the places I have considered putting wallpaper in my home.

So you will notice, I love the look of wallpaper in cabinets. I think it looks great in living room, and kitchen cabinets. Mixing patterns and color is always acceptable, and wallpaper is a great way to achieve this look. Before I decided to paint my cabinets white, I looked into taking my panel inserts and decorating them with a textured, light colored wallpaper.

I hope this opened up your mind to wallpaper possibilities!



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Update Any Mirror with Trim.

Need a cheap project? Framing a mirror is one of the easiest projects that I know. If you want to give a mirror a new look, or update the look of a room, here is a way to do it at half the cost of buying a new mirror.

1. Measure your mirror and space you have on the wall to build out your frame.

2. Choose your trim. Home Depot and Lowes have many pre-painted, unstained, and primed trim options. There are several styles and unique additions to add to your trimmed mirror too. I would place the trim on the mirror (keep this in mind when measuring).

3. Use a miter box, or miter saw and cut 45 degree angles to the edges of the trim. It’s easy to look and see how to angles should be cut based off of your mirror. The miter box is easy because it shows you where to put your saw in the box to cut different angles on the trim.

4. Before hanging your trim, stain or paint the trim. When using stain apply more to get a desired darkness or color. Let dry at least 24 hours. Make sure to stain the front and back of your molding (because of the reflection).

5. Apply clear liquid nails (glue) to the back edge of the trim (away from the mirror/inside of the trim). When you apply pressure to the mirror’s surface, it will push the glue towards the edges. Make sure all your corners align.

6. I would use tape to hold the trim in place over night. Done!

Frame a tall mirror. These mirrors are $5 at Walmart.

Frame a large mirror and make it two smaller mirrors.

Buy a mantle or ledge to add to your trim (which you can find at Home Depot/Lowes) and create a more useful mirror.

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Follow Color Me Southern on Twitter!

We have had an overwhelming response to our new blog! Rachel and I are so pleased that everyone enjoys looking at our blog and getting inspiration, as much as we enjoy sharing it with you guys!

Follow us on Twitter @colormesouthern

We set up a Twitter account so that each time we update the blog, you will be notified. Thanks so much for the support.

Remember we love to mention other bloggers, highlight YOUR creativeness, and spotlight local stores, or people you know with a artistic ability, so SHARE with us!

-Lindsay and Rachel

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Welcome to the Color Me Southern Blog.

Welcome to Here we post Do-It-Yourself projects, creative inspiration, things we love and want to talk about, and we also highlight local creative spots. As two young, southern women, we have taken some of our inspiration and turned into a funky blog to enjoy and inspire.


Lindsay and Rachel

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