Find Treasure in Old Books.

On one of Rachel and I’s adventures to Bojo’s Antique store on Summer Ave. here in Memphis, we found a diamond in the rough…

I immediatley fell in love with this book. Not only do I love animal print, but this is a beautiful book with a vintage, stunning cloth cover. The name of it is Four years in Paradise, by Osa Johnson, published in 1941. Being someone who hardly reads non-fiction novels, I never buy books to read them…I buy to decorate with them! But, something intrigued me about this book. I went home and did some research about the book online. Rachel wanted to get one for her house too..Rachel is more interested in the actual books and their history than I am, so she had me look up more information about our gorgeous find. I purchased this book for a quarter……and we were finding this original hardback copy selling for $300.00-$450.00. Ok, SO NOW WE’RE TALKING! Bojo’s sells thousands of antiques, but I mainly go for their book section. We were finding great, beautiful books for $0.10 each!

As we continued to research, we saw it was a part of the set. Now it’s like my mission to complete my set, without paying full price. Rachel found on Ebay one of the other books in the series called- I Married Adventure. Rachel bought both books on Ebay for, $100.00. We can’t wait to own the whole set.


Here is how I decorated with my $0.10 books in my house.


See what other’s have done with their book finds:

Ever seen these floating bookshelves?…

Enjoy, and happy hunting!


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Follow Color Me Southern on Twitter!

We have had an overwhelming response to our new blog! Rachel and I are so pleased that everyone enjoys looking at our blog and getting inspiration, as much as we enjoy sharing it with you guys!

Follow us on Twitter @colormesouthern

We set up a Twitter account so that each time we update the blog, you will be notified. Thanks so much for the support.

Remember we love to mention other bloggers, highlight YOUR creativeness, and spotlight local stores, or people you know with a artistic ability, so SHARE with us!

-Lindsay and Rachel

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Spotlight : Jessica McManus Canvas Paintings.

On colormesouthern we are going to highlight our friends artistic abilities too! Rachel and I have a friend, Jessica McManus, who is extremely talented at painting and has a wonderful creative mind that just flows out onto paper/canvas. I wanted to highlight some of her work. Find her on facebook where she showcases all of her recent work and I have highlighted some of my favorite pieces!

While working on the post, she inspired me to paint a canvas myself. I love to paint too, but hardly do. This is what I came up with…a rooster. Not as captivating as her work, but I think it is so important to consistently be creative.

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Sweet Summer Time Blues.

With this tease of warm weather, I feel I am more than ready for Spring and Summer to get here. Or, at least I would like to go back to the way Memphis winters used to be…. a cool 50 – 60 degree day with an occasional chilly breeze. I hate to say it, but I have had just about enough of this snow and cold. I am Southern to the core and I am ready for Honeysuckle in the breeze and fireflies at dusk.

I was at my local craft store this weekend and I stumbled across Mason Jars on sale. I love mason jars. I feel they bring a certain nostalgia of sweet tea and fireflies on a summer night. What a perfect way to incorporate that summertime feel into any room! I got home and started looking up ways to add accents with these glass jars. Here are some of the ideas I came across. Enjoy ~

Most all of these ideas are ones that you can create on your own.  Mason Jars can be purchased by the case for very inexpensively. Are you can organization nut?? Try organizing your craft room or kitchen pantry with these. The uniform jars will bring clean lines and a classic feel. Are these a little to plain for you? Personalize your jars with tags, ribbons, or labels on the lids.


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Vintage Shutter Headboard.

These old painted shutters make perfect home accents, but I think they look best as a headboard. There are STACKS upon STACKS of these at antique stores for very cheap.

A plain shutter..

A little paint and some glazing…

Whoop whooppp…

I even bought a few small ones for my house to just use as display…


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Suitcase Style.

Hey guys, I am sure you all have seen these and know the craze about them.. I run across these everywhere. They are perfect for decorating a home and adding a vintage feel. Old suitcases are not only stylish, but each one is so different and unique..They all seem to have such a history behind them.

You can find these at most any antique store and they can be used for just about any type of decor. They are also great for storage. I plan on putting mine in my empty fireplace…Check out what others have done with theirs!

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Easy Canvas Art.

I am obsessed with pretty fabrics. From the patterns, to the fabric, they are all unique and so versatile to decorate. You’ll see here before I put up my wood crates above my kitchen table, I put a piece of fabric art. Now the art is moved to my den.

Creating art with fabric is so easy. All you need is the fabric you choose/like and the amount you need to create the size piece of art your wanting and something to hang it on.

The easiest way to do this is to buy already built canvas, then stretch the fabric over the canvas. BUT, of course, I like to do things the hard way…so I built my frame. I measured the wall space and decided I wanted a fairly large piece of stretched fabric canvas art. The canvas you can buy at Michaels (usually on sale), Hobby Lobby (40% off coupon online), any art store, and even places that sell art supplies.

I purchased small pieces of thing, long wood at Lowes. I cut the edges at an angle and glued them together. Finally I stretched my fabric around the sides to make the art. I like these pieces because unlike framed art work the texture of the fabric and the canvas/wood frame depth adds dimension. It is also a more modern/different look than most framed art.

You’ll need (some you may not): staple gun, small nails, glue, scissors, canvas or wood, and fabric


1. You will need to the width of your fabric before you make a final decision on the canvas size. Of course you can get the length of your fabric to be as long as you want, but you don’t want cuts of your fabric in your art (sewn together). Most designs on the fabric you can do any orientation you choose, but some may only be viewed properly either horizontally or vertically. So with that being said, choose your fabric and know the size you need. I purchased my fabric at Hancocks Fabric (they always have GREAT deals). I picked it out online (below).

2. Decide the size of the canvas/wood frame for your art.

3. Lay the canvas/wood frame on top of the fabric. Make sure the patterns on the fabric are even.Stretch the fabric out around the canvas/frame.

4. Either glue or staple gun the fabric to the back frame of the canvas/wood frame. Make sure to fold over the excess fabric on the corners nicely, sometimes this is visible. Think that you are wrapping a gift (which if any of you know me, my wrapping style is hideous)! Make sure that the fabric is stretched tight so that there are no wrinkles or droopy fabric on the front of the canvas.

5. Let the glue dry (if applied instead of nailing). And you are DONE!

6. It is optional to run stretched ribbon across the fabric, add studs to the edges of the art, or most anything you want to add to your new fabric art.

Look at how people did multiple canvas sizes and multiple pieces for their art!



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